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About Us....

For years, Kathy Steinberg had a vision of opening up a healing center.  In 2003, Kathy and her sister, Maryellen
decided to open Good Vibrations Personal Growth Center & Gift Shop in Suffern, NY.  Through the next 5 years,
Good Vibrations sponsored many practitioners and programs - bringing together many beautiful souls for their
spiritual and personal growth.   (To see pictures from the past Good Vibrations Center....
click here).  
The website for the center was WeHealTogether.com

In 2008, Good Vibrations closed and the website, WeHealTogether.com, continued as a directory to maintain a
connection for the many practitioners and people that had formed the Good Vibrations community.

Once again, Kathy had a vision of bringing seekers together with the practitioners, programs and products that
support their spiritual growth.   That vision was to expand and reach around the world.  And so..... here we are....

Our Goals/Intentions/Philosophy.....

Our goal and intention is to bring together seekers to be able to find the practitioners, programs and products
that support their spiritual, emotional and physical healing & growth.    It is also a place for spiritual and
healing practitioners, artists and teachers to connect with the public and expand the reach of their

Because each of us is unique and has unique needs and consciousness, one person may resonate with someone or
something that others do not.  For this reason, I encourage all seekers to follow their inner guidance, use their own
discernment and research the program/practitioner/service/product before you engage or purchase.   We cannot
guarantee any listings claims, credentials, or practices.   Please be a wise consumer.

How to List with Us....

As a practitioner, business, service and/or vendor - you can have a listing that describes your business.  The goal is
to have the seeker connect with your listing and
use your links (Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, etc.)
to find out more about you and connect with your business/service.

Therefore, your listing should be brief and concise, as well as pleasing to the eye.  I recommend including your
picture and/or logos.

Please make sure that you include your location, if relevent, and whether you provide services via computer,
phone, Skype, mail-order, etc.

Here is the list of pages that can have listings:
  • Healing Practitioners
  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings/Channeling
  • Ordained Ministers for Sacred Ceremonies/Weddings
  • Non-Profits/Charities
  • Astrology/Human Design
  • Products, Services, Jewelry, Crystals
  • Healing/Spiritual Centers, Shops, Spas
  • Places of Worship
  • Blogs, UTube Channels, Video, Webcasts
  • Books
  • Art/Artists

Each listing that is on one of the bulleted listings above comes with the ability to submit 1 program flyer
per month on ***Classes-Programs-Expos-Fairs***  for no additional cost.

There is a fee to list - which is listed below.  
*Each membership/listing includes posting 1 program flyer per month on "Classes, Programs, Expos and Fairs"

To list a program/flyer for non-members - $10/month fee per flyer.
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**** Note that this is a directory... please use your own discernment when making your choices.   Our purpose is to connect like-minded and "enlightened-minded" people with classes/practitioners/products of
interest/etc..  We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with your choices nor guarantee or have any responsibility for the goods, services nor credentials of any listing on this site.  
Please use your own guidance and discretion.    
Entering this site constitutes this understanding and agreement.  Namaste.
We reserve the right to refuse any listing for any reason