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Please note:  Just give us a first name and first initial for
you and any person that you are requesting prayers for.

Also, please keep in mind - when submitting your prayer
request, please be respectful of person we are sending
prayers to.... keep their personal information and
intimate parts of their story private.  Our prayers do not
need someone's entire story in order to send healing
their way.  Also, we will not post a request that violates
someone's free-will.  We cannot post prayer requests
that ask for someone specific to love you, for them to
stay in a relationship, for them to do something that is
your will and not theirs.

For example, you can simply say you are requesting
prayers for:
  • for physical healing
  • for emotional healing and support
  • to pray for someone to open their heart
  • for someone to have insight and wisdom
  • prayers for forgiveness
  • for someone to stay safe and protected
  • for someone to have strength to face their
  • for someone to have love and support while they
    battle an addiction

Any prayer requests may be edited to  fully honor those
who are the recipients of that prayer......