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Blog.....by Kathy Steinberg

March 1, 2016

WeHealTogether.com is growing and evolving, yet again.  Originally,  it was the web directory for
Good Vibrations Personal Growth Center & Gift Shop beginning in 2003.  When Good Vibrations
closed in 2008, the website became a way for practitioners to have their clientele to find them.   For
those who would like to take a visual trip through the past to remember Good Vibrations,
click here.

My message was to expand the website - yet each time I tried, it seemed like I was stuck in
quicksand...    As things have naturally evolved - the quicksand has disappeared and Divine Timing
has rang the bell announcing it is time!

So, here I go....

I have so many things to share and I look forward to bringing teachings and resources to this site.  In
the future, I plan to expand the site so that we have practitioners, programs and products from all
over the world.  As we grow, we will enable the visitor to narrow their search to a geographic area
near them.  I am offering your listing for 2016 for

I welcome suggestions and feedback.  I ask that if you find a program, practitioner or business on
PLEASE LET THEM KNOW  you found them on WeHealTogether.com!!!

They need to know that the energy flows from our connection.  If you are a practitioner or business,
please ask how prospective clients found you....

I appreciate all the love and support I have gotten through this process..... Namaste & Blessed Be....
Kathy Steinberg