Healing Practitioners  
Practitioners using various modalities of healing and counseling
*Displayed in alphabetical order by name
Janet O'Shea, LCSW
Psychotherapy, Healer, Metaphysical Teacher
Meditation Groups, Classes, Sound and Light Channel,
IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Instructor,
Reiki Master, Intuited Soul Clearings, Spiritual Alchemy
and Crystal/Stone Healing

Located in N
More than a day spa, more than a wellness center or
healing sanctuary,
located in the Mid Hudson Valley,
provides a unique and beautiful environment for you to
relax, recharge and  achieve higher levels of holistic and
restorative beauty, health and happiness. Set in a
historic stone home, SIMHARA offers its guests:
  • spa and healing treatments
  • programs and workshops
  • spiritual retreats, lifestyle & fitness programs.
Experience luxurious and customized massages, facials,
hair and nail care as well as deep frequency healing.
Your specialist team is committed to providing you with
all-natural and organic products. Guests who wish to
expand their Conscious Connection, may tap into our
rare natural energy vortex
website:   www.Simhara.com
Metaphysical Teacher
Meditation Groups
Sound and Light Channel
IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Instructor
Reiki Master
Intuited Soul Clearings
Spiritual Alchemy
Crystal/Stone Healing
Ordained Minister
Located in Nyack,  NY.   In-Person, Telephone &
Skype Sessions, as well as distance healing.

Kathy Steinberg offers support so that you can explore
your personal issues in a gentle, healing, nurturing,
interactive and supportive environment.   
Each client can determine what form of healing
resonates with them, whether it be traditional
psychotherapy or alternative therapies.
Office Phone:  845-304-4804
For more information: click here
Sean Guerin
CranioSacral Therapist
Reiki Master
Shamanic Healing
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Private Sessions by Appointment.
Located in
Montebello, New York
To contact Sean Guerin:
Email:  Guerin2283@gmail.com
Phone:  845-648-6327
Healing Sessions in Person or Skype or Telephone
Kate Loye
  • Soul Shamanism
  • Channel
  • Master Level Energy/Sound
    Healer, Vibration & Sound
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Soul Alchemy
  • Soul Listening Readings

Kate is an Artist, Channel,
Shamanic Healer and Guide.
Sound Healing, Workshops & Events
listed on website
An Ordained Minister, Kate can make your wedding
day special and can help you write your sacred vows
in a personal and spiritually meaningful way
Healing Arts & Retreat
572 Plutarch Road
Highland, NY 12528
Energy in Harmony
Joan Snow
~ Intuitive Energy & Certified
Reiki Master Practitioner
~Spiritual Home Clearing & Blessings
~Ordained Minister
~Angel Readings - CACR™

In Person & Long Distance Appts.
I am a facilitator of the Divine & Universal "life energy" working
along with the client.  I assist in the client's energy shifting
through the clearing, releasing, resolving of their blocked

Reiki is a transformative process of healing through the
Divine Realms to clear energy.  Intuitive healing works on the
sources of imbalances within the physical body and related
areas where we hold our emotions.  It opens the pathways to
our higher consciousness, so the higher consciousness
receives a deeper level of healing on the karma and soul

Offering Intuitive Energy Healing & Reiki (Reiki Master
Practitioner), House Clearing & Blessings (Spirit Release-
Spirit Rescue), Ordained Universal Life Church Minister,
Intuitive Psychic/Medium, Angel Card Readings.
Located in Lower Hudson Valley, NY
In Person and Long Distance Appointments
Phone:  845-641-1579
Susan J. Squittieri
Phone:  845.512.8389
Email: info@susansquittieri.com

Two Bear Healing Arts - Nyack, NY
Serving NY, NJ, CT & Nationwide
Susan J. Squittieri

Intuitive for Animals & People
Healing Facilitator. Teacher.
  • Animal Communication
  • Animal Healing
  • Intuitive  Counseling
  • Reiki
  • Herbal Counseling
  • Classes and Workshops
Creator & Teacher of Violet Alchemy® Dowsing
Spiritual Teacher
Master Energy Healer
Space Clearings
Divine Voice Channel & Celestial Shaman
Sonic Alchemist Sound Healer
Divine Mother Channel
Violet Alchemy®
Mystery School
Magdalen Goddess Initiations
Dona Ho Lightsey
Located in New Paltz, NY
Website: www.violetalchemyhealing.com
Telephone: 845-527-7564
Certified Professional
Life Coach & Energy
Leadership Index
Master Practitioner
I guide my clients through the BIG questions with a
gentle, supportive voice, a quirky sense of humor
that is all my own & a hefty dose of empowerment.  
The journey is yours - I aid you by holding safe,
sacred space, bring a confidential sounding board
and shining a candle in the dark so you can see
where you are holding yourself back.
Website: JenniferBellber.com
Email: Jennifer@JenniferBellber.com
Phone: 201-463-1889
Facebook Page:
Janet O'Shea, LCSW
Sessions in person, via Skype and
distance healing

Located in
Pearl River, NY
Kathy Steinberg,LMSW
Individual, Family & Couples
Intuitive Energy Healing,
Reiki Master, IET Master
Trainer, Sound & Light
Channel, Crystal Healing,
Sacred Geometry
Ordained Minister
Teacher & Mentor for
Spiritual Growth &
Meditation Practices
Rita Gigante
  • Psychic Readings
  • Angel Readings
  • Mediumship
  • Energy Healing/Therapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Sound Therapy
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Lic. Massage Therapist
  • Author
Contact Rita at:
Email:  spaceofgracehealing@gmail.com
Phone:   201-414-1667
Located in Tappan, NY

Offering In-Person Sessions, Phone Sessions & Skype.
Workshops, Programs, Speaking Engagements
In 2010, she formed the Collective Healing Network,
a group of healers meeting in NY & NJ.
Antioxidant Alkalized Water Systems
Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Therapy (Magnesphere)
Director and Owner of NJ Healing Center.  She has a
degree from Michigan in Psychology.
NJ Licensed Massage Therapist
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Nationally Certified Hypnotist, Specializing in Past
Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis for
Childbirth, Member of International Association of
Counselors and Therapists
Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioner
Certified Aromatherapist & Foot Reflexologist
Spiritual Teacher
Clairvoyant Healer
Medium and Spiritual Counselor using her
Clairvoyant abilities to guide clients for over 30
years.  .  She is a teacher trainer of Developing
Clairvoyant and Intuitive Abilities and Hypnotists for
Childbirth Training.
To contact Lindsay Sass:
and   www.NJHealingCenter.com
Email:  lindseysass@hotmail.com
Phone:  (973) 714-0765
Location:  NJ Healing Center. 132 Main Street
Bloomingdale, NJ  07403
Bobby Sterchele
  • Lic. Registered Nurse
  • Licensed in Basic Life Support
    through American Heart Assn.  
  • Over 10 yrs. Specialized in
    Geriatric Family Care, Wound
    Care & Hospice.
  • Bobbie is currently working
    with Rita Gigante assisting
    patients with multiple
    diseases/disorders through
    the Relaxation Response of
    the Magnesphere with Whole
    Body Magnetic Resonance
Located in Tappan, NY

Offering In-Person Sessions, Phone Sessions & Skype.
Workshops, Programs, Speaking Engagements
Member of Collective Healing Network,
a group of healers meeting in NY & NJ.
Antioxidant Alkalized Water Systems
Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Therapy (Magnesphere)
Contact Bobby at:
Email:  spaceofgracehealing@gmail.com
Phone:   201-414-1667
Angel Intuitive/Psychic
Angel Medium
Angel Card Reader
Certified Angel Reiki
Certified Acess Bars
Certified Angelic Minister
Certified Spiritual
To contact Dawn for an appointment:
Email: DMDawnofAngels@aol.com
Phone:  845-499-5353
Dawn Of Angels is a popular local psychic with more than
20 years personal experience and has dedicated her
professional life to bringing the word of Spirit and the Angels to
all who seek it.  She has been gifted with the ability to
communicate with the Angels you were born with
as well as the Archangels and entire Angelic realm.

Located in Rockland County, NY (Nyack & Tappan)..
Readings are done in person, by phone or Skype.
Private parties also available
  • Monthly Healing Calls
  • Self-Healing Tools
  • Transformational
    Energy Healing
  • Animal Healing
  • Essential Oil Healing
How much time, money, stress & suffering have you
already spent NOT getting fully better?  
It may be time for a better plan.
There is a simpler way that is gentle,
kind and releases suffering.  

When you want to get out of a deep hole you need a
good rope and someone to help show you the way out.  
Someone who has been there.  Theories are great.
But results are what count.  It possible for you to make
your way back out with good guidance.  You have more
important things to do with your life than spend it
suffering.  I tell everyone to go try everything else
first...then call me for sessions.  

The work I offer helps change & improve things
in the real world.  Gently.
 I'm available for sessions for
you, your loved ones and your pets.  Please explore my
website for the many FREE TOOLS at no charge.  
It's my gift to you.  
Website:  www.rudyhunter.com
Email: Rudy@RudyHunter.com
Address: 2015 Healing Horizons Inc.  
P.O. Box 1484, Olivebridge, New York 12461
Located: 64 Theodore Roosevelt Drive, Blauvelt, NY 10913
Website: www.choosethermography.com
Email: ThermographicHealth@gmail.com
Phone:  845-222-6923
Thermographic Health Advantage
Julie Connor, CCT
Certified Clinical Thermographer  Blauvelt, NY
Thermography is an exceptional radiation-free, painless and
noninvasive health screening procedure that provides a
comprehensive insight into your overall health. Our medical
grade thermography cameras measure and map specific heat
patterns in the body, which can detect illness, inflammation
and disease in their earliest stages. A staff of physicians,
trained and board certified in medical thermography will review
your medical history, interpret your images, and write a detailed
report with their findings and clinical recommendations.

Julie Connor  is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, A Reiki
Master, Certified in Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM)
Practitioner.   As the owner of The Light Within Us since 2002,
Julie hosts weekly group meditations, Reiki healing shares,
and spiritual workshops and classes.  Her spiritual community
has grown to more than 600 members!
Irene Maltzen
Website: www.irenemaltzan.com
Email: wellness.tree@yahoo.com
Address: 2 Groesbeck Ct., Emerson, NJ  07630
Phone: 201-463-6769
Nutritional Counseling to achieve optimal balance and health.
Wellness Tree program is to help individuals seeking optimal
health and balance through nutrition and stress reduction.
Each program is customized to the individual. In addition
flower essences are used to help achieve balance and
harmony. Specialities include weight loss, infertility, ADHD
and women's issues.
Wellness Tree  
Holistic Health
Dona Garofano
Naturopathic Doctor/Owner
Offering Supplements, Grocery/Pet Products, Herbs &
Homeopathy, Books & Cards, Coffee & Teas, Aromatherapy,
Personal Care Products, Metaphysical  Products & Crystals
and an extensive line of NOW products - "And for a natural way
of getting to the root of the problem with foot and nail fungus..
  • Dried/Live Blood Cell

  • Nutritional Counseling
Please tell those listed that you found them on WeHealTogether.com!
  • Astrology
  • Ecstatic Body
  • Astrodice Readings
Hilda Blair


Angel Messages
  • Member of the International Association of
    Counselors and Therapists
  • The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy
  • The Metaphysical Center of New Jersey.
  • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®by Doreen
    Virtue, PhD
  • Life Between Life Training with Michael Newton
    Institute and Certification.
  • Certified in Therapuetic Touch
  • Certified Integration Energy & Emotional Freedom
Website: www.angelichypnotherapynj.com

Hilda practices out of her main office in
Midland Park, NJ  & also in Wyckoff, NJ.  

Appointments made by calling
1-201-236-8976 or
  • Energy Healing
  • Workshops/Classes
  • CDs/Videos/Books
  • Healing with
    Saltana Caves
  • You Are The Healer
    Training &
  • Author/Composer
•Repair Your Broken Heart      • Release Fear, Anger & Grief
• Stop Anxiety Attacks    • Reduce & Handle Stress
• Relief from Depression   • Boost Your Immune System
• Increase Your Energy & Sense of Well-Being
• Lessen Physical & Emotional Pain   • Achieve Weight Loss
• Decrease Inflammation   • Support in Dealing with Cancer
• Recapture Your Joy for Living   • Relieve Insomnia
• Help Stop Smoking & Other Addictions
• Increase Spiritual Awareness
• Freedom from Lyme Disease and Many Others
• Help Bring Closure to Old Relationships
• Change Your Attitude or Perspective
• Learn to Love & Forgive Yourself & Others
• Achieve Overall Healing of the Mind, Body & Spirit
Email:  Gene@AmazingHealer.com
Phone:  914-232-4409

Located in
Katonah, NY
Hands-on, Group and Distance Healing Sessions
To contact Aliza:
Email: amusleah@gmail.com
Phone:  845-729-5429  
A place and a space to heal and
transform the confusion and anger in
your body and mind into self-confidence,
clarity and joy.
Peaceful Healing For Your Soul
Bert Weil
  • Integrated Energy Therapy
    (IET) Healing Master
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Monthly Guided Meditations  
    with Angels
  • MA Special Ed Teacher
In Person & Phone Sessions Available
Located in
Haworth, NJ

Website: www.PeacefulHealing4YourSoul.com
Phone:  201-757-3902
Bert offers gentle, supportive healing sessions for
your mind, body and especially your soul.

As an IET practitioner, she connects with the energy
of angels to guide you through your healing process.  
IET can help with this by clearing the energy imprints
of stress, powerlessness, victimization that we have in
our energy field and replacing them with imprints of
ease and self-empowerment.
Aliza Musleah
  • Healing with Sound, Color,
    Sacred Geometry and Light
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Energy Therapy
  • Melchizedek Method
  • Crystal and Sound Therapy
Julie Alongi
Julie Alongi has been a practicing metaphysician for
nearly 50 years. She was born with the ability to see
spirit naturally and continuously. She is a leading
medical intuitive and presents individual auric
interpretations through private session. She is
nationally known for her work with law enforcement
and crime investigation. As a small child stricken with
polio, Julie first saw St Therese at her bedside with a
bouquet of fragrant roses. Julie has been devoted to
St Therese ever since as the “Lady of the Roses” .
~Medical Intuitive
~Auric Reader
~Founder of Non-Proft
Organization Assisting
Children with Illnes
Higher Realm
Energy Healing
Brian's practice offers gentle supportive
healing through channeled energy from the
Ascended Masers.  Sessions provide a
visceral experience and opens doorways to
the true perception of the Higher Realms and
connection to greater being.

Your session will offer love and support,
clearing blocks and encouraging full spectrum
healing.  Clients experience a deeps sense of
homecoming and connection to their
Higher Self in a colorful and tangible way
Website:  www.rosepetals-hospice.org
Email: contactus@rosepetals-hospice.org
Phone:  973-239-0072
Address::  Rosepetals, Inc.
825 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 107, Verona, NJ 07044
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Master Instructor & Healing Practitioner
  • IMO Certified Shaman Therapist
  • Occidental Metaphysics
  • Golden Alchemy
  • The Path of the Tree
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
  • Reiki
  • Serenity  Vibrational Healer
  • Initiation through Keys of Tarot
  • Author
  • 15+ Years of Healing Experience
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For more info about Allis:  click here
Email:  AnAngelsThought@yahoo.com
Phone:  845-721-4842
Allis is a Psychic Medium certified by the Montclair
Metaphysical Center.  During a private reading Allis
connects you with your loved ones who have crossed
over.  Your loved ones delivered message(s) with evidence
that validates personal information that only the client
knows, proving that our loved ones spirits are still alive.  
Angelic Realm will also be present during your
private reading.  Angel(s) will express loving messages to
guide you and offer ways to communicate with them.  
The private reading also includes the use of angel cards
where messages of peace and divine love are expressed.

Located in
Rockland County,  NY - Allis works in many
locations in the
NY/NJ area.  Allis does phone readings
and private parties.
For more info about Allis:  click here
Email:  AnAngelsThought@yahoo.com
Phone:  845-721-4842
An Angels Thought
Divine Intervention

- Spiritual, Intuitive &  
Mediumship Readings
-Trance Healer
-Energy Healing Practitioner
-Ordained Minister
-Teacher & Mentor for Healing
& Mediumship
Utilizing the Unique, Pure, Perfect Energy
That Each Soul Was Created From
There’s nothing I like more than seeing the
difference healing energy can make in someone’s life!

•  Certified Reiki III Practitioner
   in-person/distant healing Reiki
• Certified, Animal Reiki             
• Certified, Light of the Eternal One Energy Healing

light heart energy healing
Jan Dyer