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                         Divine Interventions                  
Private and Phone Readings

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                                                                           Serving Rockland County and NY/NJ Areas
~ Psychic /Medium Working with the Angelic Realm

Allis, An Angels Thought, is a Psychic Medium certified by the Montclair Metaphysical Center.
During a private reading Allis connects you with your loved ones who have crossed over.
Your loved ones deliver message/s with evidences that validates personal information that only
the client knows. Proving that are love one’s spirits are still alive. The Angelic Realm will also
be present during your private reading. Angel/s will express loving messages to guide you and
offer ways to communicate with them. The private reading also includes the use of Angel Cards
where message/s of peace and Divine Love are expressed.

~ Trance Healer/ Energy Healing Practitioner                                                           
Allis is a Trance Healer who had the unique honor to study Channeling and Trance Healing
from the renowned Australian Medium Audrey Willey. Channeling is being in the Alpha State of
Consciousness where you communicate with Spirit. As a Trance Healer Allis works with a Spirit
Guide who lived here on earth. The Trance state is achieved by the blending  the auras of the
medium and the Spirit Guide. Working with a Spirit Guide the healing is intensified. With co-
operation chakras are cleared and balanced with tuning forks.  Your physical and emotional
body will be purified and alienated with the universe. Negative emotions will be cut and
replaced with love joy and peace.

~ HOUSE Clearing/ Blessings / Spirit Release/ Spirit Rescue

Along with my partner John Taylor we created Divine Intervention.
Using our modalities and the Angelic Realm/ Ascended Masters we cleanse and bless homes
and workspaces. This ceremony involves a multi- stage process, which is a variety of sacred
practices of clearing negative energy patterns from anyone who has been within your living and
work space. The ceremony releases, purifies, elevates and protects the space. This alignment
creates an opportunity for improvements in all areas of your life- health, new life experiences,
success and wealth. We respect and practice these ancient and New Age principles of working
with the Divine and spiritual realm energies that are full of pure love, joy, and peace. – Thus
granting a harmonious energy shift. As ordained Universal Life Church Ministers, we clear
earthbound spirits (if applicable) in a compassionate manner.

Spirit Release/ Spirit Rescue is bringing an earthbound spirit to the light and helping them
reunite with their loved ones who have passed over. This ceremony finally brings the Spirit
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